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Our moving home VITAL checklist

Moving home: one of the biggest events in ones life; it can become a stressful occasion. As prchecklist-310092_960_720operty professionals we are here to take as much of the work and stress off your shoulders as possible. To help make the process much simpler, we have created a vital checklist of utility reminders.

To make moving easier, we offer a utility switching service for free, contact us for more information. 

  1. Gas & Electric: You will need to inform your current energy supplier know that you will be moving. Make sure you do this in plenty of time and be sure to take your final meter readings and new readings on your moving day; we recommend taking pictures of your meters with your smartphone. Moving home is a great time to switch energy supplier, be sure to shop around for the best deal.
  2. Water: You will also need to contact your water supplier and confirm your change of address, if you have a meter, be sure to take a picture of the value!
  3. Health Services: One of the most forgotten tasks for home movers is registering with a new doctor and dental surgery. Many people forget until they need to attend, and find a registration barrier or waiting list in their way of treatment. Be sure to register with your new doctor as soon as you know your new address.
  4. Post: To ensure you have changed your address on all accounts (Banks, Credit Cards, Employer, Subscriptions) you can set up a royal mail redirection service for a small fee, you can do it here on the Royal Mail Website.
  5. Internet and Entertainment: It is important to have this done ahead of time, especially if you work from home or have children who just cannot live without their favourite TV shows or games consoles for a number of weeks. Be sure to contact your provider as soon as possible to book an installation date for your new home, during busy periods they may not be available for a number of weeks.238638006_1280x720
  6. Electoral Register: Make sure you contact your local council in your new area to sign up to the electoral roll. It is important to know that you could be fined by your local Electoral Registration Office if you fail to register when asked. As well as having the ability to vote on important matters in your community, a registration reflects well on your credit file.
  7. Home Insurance: Do you have your buildings and contents insurance set up? Be aware that you need to have your insurance in situ at the point of exchange, not completion – don’t forget to sign up.
  8. Banking: Make sure you have informed your bank and any credit suppliers to ensure you are getting important communications and that your billing address is set up correctly.
  9. Council Tax: Be sure to close your council tax account with your current council and contact your new local authority to set up a payment plan. Be aware, council tax differs for different property types and even different areas, make sure you check your new homes council tax band.
  10. TV license: It is a legal requirement to have a TV Licence if you watch live television, don’t get caught unaware with a fine by forgetting to change your address with the licensing authority. Contact them here: TV Licensing.


We are always here to help with any of your queries, be sure to contact us if you have any questions about your home move. 

Liverpool Council Tax – Landlord Reminder!

This post is a reminder to all of our Landlords and Vendors whom have any homes empty at the minute or are expecting an empty home in the coming months.170px-Liverpool_City_Council_Logo.svg.png (170×219)

As most of you will be aware, on the 1st April 2016 Liverpool City Council revoked the Empty Homes Discount for Council Tax, this discount was available to any home that was not being lived in. This could occur while a home is being sold with no chain, or while a home is waiting for a new tenant.

The discount offered prior to the 1st April was a 6 week 0% Tax bill.

Now that Liverpool City Council have decided to revoke this discount, the  council tax is due from the landlord as soon as a tenant moves out until a new one moves in. This is always the full amount.



Some homes don’t get a Council Tax bill for as long as they stay empty. They include homes:

  • that have been repossessed
  • that can’t be lived in by law, eg if they’re derelict
  • that are empty because they’ve been compulsory purchased and will be demolished
  • that are going through major structural repairs

After speaking with Liverpool City Council directly, we can confirm that they will accept homes that are being refurbished. These will be considered on a case by case basis. Homes which are being re-decorated only will not be considered, however they may consider works such as re-plastering.

Any council in England and Wales can charge up to 50% Extra council tax for any property which has been left empty for over 2 years. Liverpool City Council do charge the full 50% extra on these homes.

You can find out more on the topic from the official Liverpool City Council website:


For the other councils surrounding Liverpool, please check their websites:





St Helens:



For any more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0151 226 8443 or email More details can be found on our contact us page over at our main website:

Study reveals best buy-to-let locations in Liverpool

Buy-to-let is a great earner for thousands of landlords across merseyside, with just under 25% of all homes in Liverpool privately rented.

New research from Move with Us and through the Move with Us Rental Index reveals surprising insights into gross rental yields across England and Wales. With low returns for savers expected for the next three years and attractive buy-to-let deals now available, this research identifies yield hotspots at a postcode district level.

The study, which looked at two bedroom properties for sale and for rent, identified that the highest yields are scattered widely across regions and mainly outside of Greater London. The combination of lower capital costs and reasonable rental prices has delivered gross yields in the range of 8.15% to 9.63% in the top five yielding postal districts in Liverpool.

Postcode Average asking price (£) Average advertised rent (£) Gross yield (%)
L14 86,282 692 9.63
L4 56,310 428 9.13
L28 67,763 485 8.60
L33 80,391 569 8.50
L5 68,343 464 8.15

Neil, Keybanks Estates, commented that: “Most investors feel comfortable purchasing property in their local area however this rental yield heat map highlights that there are lots of locations across Liverpool that will provide great rental returns for investors who are not from the area. By sticking to the usual rules of purchasing near to amenities, good transport links and infrastructure, venturing further afield to a higher yielding area is often the more sound investment choice. At the minute Keybanks really is a great place to be investing. With the second highest average rental yield for any city or town in the UK. In addition to the 60,000 students in the city, we believe that it is the best city for buy-to-let landlords in the current market. 
At Keybanks we have a dedicated team for landlords and we can provide advice on both existing buy-to-let properties and investors looking to purchase new properties. Our knowledge of the local market can identify the highest rental prices in the area, point out good locations for investment and detail how much competition each property has.”

Robin King, Director at Move with Us comments: “More and more people are now looking to invest in property and we have spent a lot of time researching the market to provide landlords with a map of England and Wales which identifies potential rental yield hot spots. However before investing, it is important that landlords follow the normal steps and speak to local estate agents to find out what the demand is like in the local rental market, as well as seek sound financial advice.”

To find out more, don’t hesitiate to contact us on 0151 226 8443 or 

Is your home being marketed correctly?

In order for your home to sell, alongside other factors, it needs to be marketed correctly. Is your home being marketed correctly?

There is an old saying in the estate agent business, ‘You can’t sell a secret’, How do you know that your agents are getting the best price for your property if it has not been seen by the maximum amount of people? After all, it is the agent’s job to get the best possible price for your home and there are some various options available to them to ensure the world sees your home.

The ever important..Property Portals!


The property portals are the websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocation etc. which provide a platform where buyers are able to find the houses they dRightmove-birdhouse-logo1esire and the vendors are able to find the perfect buyer for their home. This is often the first place people look when they start their search for their home, and typically the best way for buyers to find the home of their dreams. The sites offer the properties of all reputable agents in the search area they are looking for, with full details of any property that catches their eye.

If your agent is not advertising on any property portals, the exposure needed to sell a property is almost certainly not being achieved.

The two most popular (by far) property portals in the UK are Rightmove and Zoopla. In first place is Rightmove, which is the 22nd most visited site in the United Kingdom. Zoopla is second, being the 74th most visited site in the United Kingdom. By comparison,, which hails itself as ‘One of the biggest property portals in the UK’ is ranked 508th in the UK, a massive distance zoopla_online_strap_pwfrom the market leaders Rightmove and Zoopla.

Information sourced from

Is the marketing agent that you have chosen advertising on the most popular portals in the UK?

Keybanks guarantee to always maintain a strong position on the two main property portals. Commited to giving your property the exposure it deserves, we will ensure that the maximum amount of publicity is given to your home. If in future the top portals change, we will be sure to change where we advertise.


Are you getting board of no interest?


Has your agent put a For Sale or To Let board outside your property?11136223_887871311274433_3872570561395717111_o

Picture this… you are driving around the area you would love to live, checking out Schools, Shops and other local amenities. You drive down ‘Perfect Street’, a street where you would love to live, but there are no For Sale boards displayed. You feel deflated. You dismiss the chances of finding your perfect home in this street as you think there are no properties
available. You spot a ‘For Sale’ board in the next street and fall in love with it, you book a viewing and before you know it you have the keys soon after. You missed out on your dream street, but you got close enough.

Now, as a seller, if you haven’t got a ‘For Sale’ board, how many local people and newcomers to the area have you missed?

At Keybanks, For Sale boards are part of our service. You can of course choose not to have one displayed at your property, but we don’t recommend this. Many other agents, particularly online agents are charging for this service. Does your agent have hidden charges like this? Check your contract!


Contact us today for a free, no obligation valuation, to ensure YOUR home is being marketed correctly!

Accreditations, what are they?

Estate and Letting agent accreditations are a little more than just some stickers in the window. So what are they?

DSCN3413Accreditations are piece of mind for both the agents themselves (us!) and you (the buyer, vendor, tenant or landlord) that everything is being done in the right and agreed manor by our accreditors. To be part of the accredited schemes we must take and pass various courses and prove our ability as an agent. Just recently, we have joined the NLA, National Landlords Association, after our lettings team, Neil, Tanya and Julie all passed the NLA courses and we are now officially NLA accredited.NLA Accreditation

Do you have more Accreditations?


Alongside our NLA membership, we are also a member of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) for both Sales and Lettings. TPO sets out rules and guidelines for us to follow, ensuring that we are doing everything proper and legal for all our clients. The code of practice importantly dictates how and what we do in certain circumstances and gives you piece of mind as a customer that Keybanks are following all guidelines. Being accepted onto the Ombudsman schemes means we are committed to customer service, as it is a redress scheme where by a customer (like yourself!) can complain independently to a professional government body, if your experience with Keybanks is below your high expectations.

Property Ombudsman Accreditations

Is your agent a member of the Property Ombudsman? Find out here: Find a Member. Or for the NLA membership search, you will need to ask your agent for their Agent ID number.

Always make sure an agent you are dealing with is part of the Property Ombudsman, as if, in the unlikely event of a complaint it is dealt with by an independent professional body.

Want to find out how Keybanks Accredited service can help you sell or rent your home? Contact us today, details can be found on our website, please click here!

Behind the name: Keybanks!

Have you ever wondered where we got our name from? Find out what is behind the name below.

KeyroadmapMany of our customers ask us, and many of them guess it right.

It comes from Keybank Road, West Derby, L12. 

Only a five minute walk past our office in West Derby Village, along Almonds Green you will find a quiet road called Keybank Road. This is the road that Neil, our boss, grew up in. All of his life Neil has lived in West Derby, and knows the area like the back of his hand. All of our staff live in and have grown up in West Derby or a short distance from the area, ensuring we are a true, local agent.

This road consists of many different styles of homes including terraced, semi-detached and bungalows. A desirable place to live for families and couples, the road has a diverse range of people from different professional backgrounds, with 42% of the residents career professionals, 40 residents with professional qualifications (degree level) and a 2.9% unemployment level (UK Average = 5.6%) of all residents aged between 16-64 the atmosphere is friendly and invitational.


Sources:, www.tradingeconomics.couk


Are you interested in living in Keybank? We have just sold 2 stunning properties on this road!

Click this link to find out more.


Why is £20 so important?

So, why is £20 so important?

Firstly, how much is a £20 note worth?

The answer is £20, 20 x £1 or 2000p.20_pound_shirt_by_retrosorter

So now, if I asked you to buy a £20 note from me for £22 of course you would say no.

I could advertise for sale this £20 note at a price of £22, all over the country, all over the internet and the world, chances are, I will get nobody calling me to try and agree a sale.

However, if I offered this £20 note out for £18, how many people do you think would offer me the cash? How many people would bid against each other to try and get this £20 note? Any person who has any understanding of money would now be interested in this note.  The selling price would amount to £20, as this is the true value of the note.

So we are now agreed, at £22 the note is unsaleable.

At £20, the true value of the note, it would still be unsaleable, as it would not be worth anybodys time.

The note has only became saleable at £17 or £18, where there will be enough buyers and enough interest that the price will be pushed up to £20 anyway!

The lower selling price is enticing buyers in, and gaining the true value of my note, if we use this analogy to look at the price of your home, are you getting the interest you deserve, is your property priced correctly? Have a chat with your agent and see what they think.

If you want a fresh approach to your marketing, contact Keybanks for a no obligation valuation.

Now, lets look at

Imagine you had two £20 notes, one brand new, fresh and clean note straight from the bank and one scruffy note with writing and stains on, scrunched into a ball. Both of these notes are worth the same amount, agreed? They are both worth £20, they could both buy you £20 worth of shopping in a shop.

But, which one would you choose to buy?

Of course, you would want the crisp and clean note. This makes this note more desirable, but not necessarily worth more.

As a vendor, you are in competition with all the other vendors on the market with similar properties to your own, what is making your home more desirable than the one down the street?



Top Tips to get your home SOLD!

How can I get my home sold? Follow our top tips below!

This post is destined for all homeowners in the UK, not just our customers. If you require any more help or advice, give us a call on 0151 226 8443, whether you market with us or not!

With so many choices in the current market for buyers, over 900,000 properties listed on in Britain at the minute, your home needs to catch someones eye in the midst of all the other competitors.

Viewings are of course of extreme importance to get the offers rolling in for your home, staging, as we call it is making sure your home is being displayed in the best possible light, in a way that a buyer will have a desire to live in.

We have made this post to hopefully, give your house the best possible chances of selling at the price that it is worth.


Realistic Pricing

Our agents analyse the housing market every day, ensuring that our prices reflect the current market state.

A common problem with Estate Agents in the UK and around the world is that many will offer you a high market price on a valuation just to get you to sign up with them, only for you to stay on the market for 6, 12, 18 or 24 months with no viewings and crucially NO OFFERS!

When you notice this, they will tell you to drop the price considerably, thus making your property attractive, but this may be after 6 months, where you could have had a viewer, an offer, a sale and a new home all sorted in that time you have lost.

Look for an agent that is being realistic with you, optimism is great, all agents should have optimism as we are all trying to get you the best possible price for your home, but being too optimistic may have you sitting around for many years with a FOR SALE board outside your home, but no viewers inside your home.

A realistic price can be found by an agent who is being truthful with you, showing you the properties that have sold in your area, houses similar to yours in the last couple of years, which will give yourself a better idea of what your home is worth. Then the agent will work with you to have a look at the current market and slot your property into a price range where it will be seen by buyers.

If you are looking for a fresh outlook, contact a local agent near you and speak to them about a valuation and how they value your property.

Our team will always be willing to help you out, contact us today if you are looking for a valuation from Keybanks Estates.


Fluorescent lights, a great way to light your home, bright yet soft and low cost!

Lights! Lights! Lights!

Making your home look light and airy is of great importance in giving viewers a positive impression of your home and the WOW! factor that it deserves. Are the viewers coming to your home saying WOW!? If not, why?

Mirrors are a great way to make those smaller rooms or hallways that bit bigger, not only does it make a space look bigger, it shows off its potential to buyers and distributes a lot more light around the room.

Make sure you are lighting any dark areas in rooms with lamps or bright ceiling lights. Having all the lights on in your house, even in a daylight viewing gives a major improvement to viewers impressions of the home and the pictures that your agent will have taken.



The smell of your home can be the make or break point of a viewing, even before the viewer has entered your home, if they are overwhelmed by any smell this could put a negative on the whole viewing and give a bad impression of your home.

If there are any sources of bad smells in your home, try not to cover them up with a deodoriser, fix the source of any smells. This could mean washing bins, clearing drains, opening windows and airing the kitchen from odd and old cooking smells. 

On the other hand, good smells entice buyers in, making your home feeling like the desirable home that they are after. A common american theme is cooking or baking before a viewing, of course in the modern world this is impractical before each and every viewing. An idea could be some fresh reed diffusers, some newly lit candles, fresh flowers or fresh coffee being brewed around the house could make a strong impression on the viewer.